Pelosi Takes Boswell Up On Offer To Campaign With Him

Pelosi Takes Boswell Up On Offer To Campaign With Him

Controversial Former Speaker Endorses Boswell At Out-of-State Fundraiser

Des Moines – Today, the controversial former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will endorse her close friend Leonard Boswell at a fundraiser in Omaha, Nebraska. Pelosi’s interest in Boswell’s re-election should come as no surprise to middle-class Iowans who have witnessed Boswell support Pelosi’s billion-dollar failed stimulus and nearly $1 trillion government takeover of healthcare that has left Iowa families with rising costs, more government, and less control over their own lives.  Recently, Boswell doubled down on his decision to support the Obama/Pelosi agenda of more government and spending by saying he is “proud” of what Pelosi has accomplished and would welcome Pelosi to campaign for him.

“As Leonard Boswell sits pretty with Nancy Pelosi at an out-of-state fundraiser, Iowans continue to suffer from the Pelosi/Boswell agenda that has ushered in a big government era of out of control spending, rising health costs, and higher gas prices,” said Iowa Republican Party Chairman AJ Spiker. “With Boswell shamelessly aligning himself with Nancy Pelosi in Congress, it’s no wonder she is going out of her way to support his re-election.”

Boswell and Pelosi may believe government knows best, but Iowans suffering from their overreaching policies will reject Boswell and his mission to put Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.


  • Boswell Welcomes Obama And Pelosi To Campaign With Him. “U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell thinks it would be just fine if President Obama — or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — came to Iowa to campaign for him this fall.” (Des Moines Register, 8/28/2011)
  • Boswell Says He Will Not Distance Himself From The President and Said He Is “Proud” Of What Pelosi Accomplished. “Boswell said in an interview last week that he’s not one to distance himself from the president. Furthermore, he said, he’s proud of what Pelosi has been able to accomplish.” (Des Moines Register, 8/28/2011)

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