Chairman’s Corner

 Chairman’s Corner
 I’m Rick Halvorsen, Chairman of the Warren County Republican Central Committee. I 
hope you are looking at our web page to maybe get a reason or two as to why you should vote 
Republican this election cycle. The list of reasons is very long and I am going to use the State of 
Iowa Democrat Party Platform to illustrate one of the many reasons here today. I will try and 
refresh this page with new information as often as I can between now and the election on the 
 of November. Remember that date and please don’t forget to vote by the end of that day 
and please consider the direction this county is headed in before you cast that vote.
 My topic today is the Unions, a once necessary organization that stopped the abuses that 
ran rampant in the manufacturing hay day of our country. Well the manufacturing hay day of 
our country is gone and so are child labor atrocities as well as inhumane working conditions. 
That is literally the good and bad of Unions, the terrible labor practices are gone, but so are 
many of the good paying manufacturing jobs. At this time the usefulness of the Unions has 
come and gone, in my opinion the Unions are huge weights around the necks of our economy. 
What jobs they have not driven out of our country they have broken such as General Motors.
 With the five items I have pulled here from the Democrat Platform, it does not appear 
that they are planning any changes to their support of Unions and their ability to suck the 
life blood out of a company. Under Economy, Commerce & Labor item #64 says they support 
“Unionization, collective bargaining striking rights”. #79 says we oppose “Right to Work”, and 
#80 says we oppose “Lockouts and Hiring replacement Workers during Labor Disputes” and 
finally #82 says they oppose “Mandating overtime/limiting overtime pay”. Okay, this is where 
it really gets good folks, and you can’t make this stuff up either. After the Unions have all the 
striking and bargaining rights and no one can come in and work their job when they strike, 
and no one can tell them yes or no on overtime because the unions know more about running 
the company then the owners do. Then when the whole thing blows up in their face, kind of 
just like the General Motors debacle that has already happened then guess what they want 
then. You guessed it, just like Obama did for the Unions in the GM mess they want you and 
me tax payer to come and bail them out. That’s right and I guess now they have a precedent 
with what Obama did with GM. That right, in the Democrat Party Platform under the heading 
of “Job Security, Workers Rights, Safety”, #87 says “Employee protection after plant closure/
bankruptcy”. There you have it folks, in a nut shell, after the Democrats and their Union accomplices 
suck all the life blood from the host company and it dies they expect and demand that we the 
tax payers bail them out so they can move on and destroy the next host. I don’t know about 
you, but I think this is a very good reason to never vote for a Democrat again and it’s kind of 
funny that I just used their own words from their own Platform to show how outrageous and 
damaging the Democrats and the Unions can be. Until later may your day be filled with joy.
Rick Halvorsen
Warren Co Republican Central Committee Chairperson