Our Revolution is Here

Ron Paul 2012

Yesterday, I stood in the town hall in Exeter, New Hampshire, with a packed house of fellow Liberty Lovers and announced that I am a candidate for President of the United States.

And, let me tell you, the response has been tremendous!

We have been overwhelmed with media attention and interview requests. Just yesterday, I did nine national television interviews, as well as many New Hampshire–based appearances, and I even had to turn down many more. And, on Sunday, I will be the lead guest on Fox News Sunday.

But, more importantly, I have seen an outpouring of support from friends in Iowa, New Hampshire, and all across the country. Thousands of calls and emails have poured in offering support and encouragement.

Our REVOLUTION is now in a new phase. As the numbers build and the polling surges, we stand poised to win major political battles and take our Liberty back.

You and I know that America is the greatest nation in human history. Belief in Liberty, limited government, and sound money made us the freest and most prosperous people in the world.

But we are in danger.  Two trillion dollar deficits, soaring inflation, endless foreign wars, and an ever-growing federal government threaten the very fabric of our nation.

All the work we have done together for the past decades has brought us to this place. We are challenging the status quo, and, if we come together now in these crucial times, we can win.

This REVOLUTION will be hard work. It will require long hours from all of us. And, as we threaten the power elites, we will be attacked. We will face smears, defaming, and dirty tricks.

But, I know that our mission is crucial. Please work with me and help give each other strength as we fight for Liberty.

So, as we launch this new campaign, I pledge the following to you:

1. I will work as hard as I can and do everything in my ability to make this campaign a success.

2. We will build the strongest team we possibly can and execute the best, most professional effort in our power.

3. I will never compromise and never, ever back down.

Over the next few weeks, my team will continue to build the top notch campaign organization our REVOLUTION requires.  I will be working to put in place the staff, resources, equipment, and technology necessary to help ensure this campaign is a success. 

Please plug in with them over the next few weeks and find out what you can do. And please, always be patient as we deploy our plan. There will be an important job for everyone willing to contribute.

As we launch this campaign, I continue to draw my strength from you. Whenever I get tired or feel discouraged by the scope of our problems, I lean on all the passion across the country and am reinvigorated. I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s make this REVOLUTION truly historic!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S.  Our REVOLUTION has kicked into high gear!  Please click here to chip in a contribution of $10, $25, or whatever you can afford, so we can build the strongest team possible and spread our message of liberty in key early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

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