Legislative Republicans Deliver on Campaign Promises

TO: Reporters and Editors
FR: Casey Mills
RE: Legislative Republicans Deliver on Campaign Promises
DA: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn issued the comment below following the adjournment Sine Die of the 84th General Assembly.

“Last year we recruited principled conservative candidates to run for the legislature to help restore fiscal sanity to our state and put Iowans back to work. Republicans up and down the ticket campaigned on shrinking the size of government in order to clear the way for job creators to invest in hiring new employees. Voters overwhelmingly supported this message and sent Republicans to Des Moines to deliver results.”

“Today, I am proud of Republicans in both chambers who worked tirelessly throughout the session to pass an honest and responsible budget that placed a priority on spurring private-sector jobgrowth. They have demonstrated an understanding of the mandate from last November and have upheld their covenant with the electorate. I am confident under their leadership, Iowa’s future is bright. “


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