Candy Donations Needed

We Are Looking For Candy
The Polk County Republican Party is reaching out to voters in a variety of events in the next two weeks.

We will be participating in the West Des Moines Independence Day Parade, the Urbandale Independence Day Parade, and Ankeny Summerfest.Parade.

We are looking for donations of candy to be brought to the Central Committee meeting on June 28th.  Candy is one of the most popular items handed out during each of the parades and your fellow Republicans will appreciate any donations of candy that you can bring to the meeting.

Please note that because of the heat typical at this time of year, candy that melts is not preferred.  Consequently, it is preferred that donations of candy bars and chocolates be avoided.  Otherwise, we can use all of the candy we can get.

There will be a collection bin at the entry door to the Central Committee meeting on Tuesday.  Help your fellow Republicans reach out to as many voters as possible by taking the time to bring some candy to the meeting.

For those not attending the Central Committee meeting, you may drop off a donation at the meeting location between 6:30 pm and 7 pm.  The meeting is held at the downtown Holiday Inn (1005 6th Avenue, Des Moines)

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