It’s Time for Answers from Mrs. Vilsack

For Immediate Release
Monday, July 18, 2011

It’s Time for Answers
After three months of avoiding questions, it’s time for specifics from Mrs. Vilsack

DES MOINES- After launching her campaign nearly three months ago, Christie Vilsack began to familiarize herself with the new 4th Congressional District on her “listening tour.” The only thing more glaring than the sparse attendance at her meetings, a single individual attended her Audubon County stop, was her refusal to talk about her vision for getting our country back on track. In a district where having President Obama on the ballot will be a liability, it’s clear Mrs. Vilsack wants to mask her close ties with the Obama administration and her endorsement of the President’s failed economic policies. As an “official” candidate, Iowans deserve to know where she stands on the pressing issues. To bring clarity to what Mrs. Vilsack stands for, the Iowa GOP has provided several questions Iowans of all stripes deserve to have answered during her “official” announcement tour.

  • Did you support the failed stimulus? Do you advocate, as Senator Harkin does, for a second stimulus?
  • Do you support ObamaCare?
  • The Obama administration has advocated for cap-and trade. Do you support this initiative? Are 4th District farmers supportive of this policy?
  • Do you advocate raising taxes or cutting spending to deal with our debt crisis? If raising taxes, who would experience tax increases? If cutting spending, what programs would you cut?
  • Is there a single issue with which you disagree with President Obama?
  • Two 5-4 Supreme Court decisions, Heller and McDonald, found that the Second Amendment was a personal right on the level of free speech.  Did you agree with the five or with the four in those cases?


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