Republicans Offer Iowans 20% Discount On Their Income Taxes

On the second day of this legislative session, Republicans in the Iowa General Assembly passed legislation, House File 194, which gives every Iowan a 20% discount on his, her, or your businesses’ income tax. But the Democrat-controlled Senate buried the bill.

People need money and hope, right now. Tens of thousands are still struggling to recover from damages due to floods and tornadoes, with more at risk in northwest Iowa.

Nearly 100,000 Iowans are still out of work. According to research from The Beacon Hill Institute in Boston, up to 18,000 new jobs could be created in just the first year if taxes on income, property and sales were discounted by 15%,   So who’s against putting your friends and neighbors back to work?

Senators Gronstal, Bolkcom and McCoy, in particular, have kept the bill buried in the Senate Ways & Means Committee so they can work on more spending, and legislation that will favor teachers and other unionized constituents: but why? Democrats and Republicans in Washington worked together to discount payroll taxes by more than 30% and extended the current low tax rates to help as many people as possible get through this crisis.

Iowa’s Republicans have proposed and passed balanced legislation to solve critical problems by curtailing unnecessary spending and proposing discounts on Iowans’ income and property taxes, (the sales taxes need to be next to help the most disadvantaged among us). This legislation helps everyone and hurts no one. To get your discount you can contact:

Senator Matt McCoy at [email protected] or 274-0561 and
Senator Mike Gronstal [email protected] or 712-328-2808

Refer to Polk GOP House File 194 – Suggested Remarks for Elected Officials when writing to Senators.

Contacting these men should help get your discounts out of Committee for a vote. When it passes, Governor Branstad can be trusted to sign it so you, your family and business will have a more secure and brighter future.

Kevin McLaughlin, President
Iowans for Discounted Taxes,

Steve Forbes, Honorary Chairman

Additional information regarding Iowans for Discounted Taxes can be found by going to Iowans for Discounted Taxes Strategy Meeting with Assns. and Elected Officials 3-04-10.

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