House File 194 Statement

The following statement is from Polk County Republican Chair Kevin McLaughlin:


Democrats always want to increase spending and raise taxes.  Republicans want you to keep more of your money by getting discounts on your property and income taxes, and we would like to discount your sales taxes, too.  Here’s how.  

If taxes are discounted, like the prices you pay for groceries at Hy-Vee, Dahl’s and Fairway, then you get more value and keep more of your money at the same time.  No one is hurt and everyone benefits. So Iowa’s government needs to be like Hy-Vee in that respect. And we get 18,000 new jobs as the economy grows.

Right now, Republicans are trying to discount commercial property taxes because they are set to rise, which will drive up the taxes on your home. If Republicans can discount property taxes, then it will be easier for everyone to move up to better homes in better neighborhoods, with better schools. Again, no one is hurt by discounts on taxes.

If you want more income, did you know that the Republicans passed House File 194, which will give you a 20% discount on your state income taxes?  If you pay $2,000.00 in state income taxes, you could save $400.00.

The problem is that the Senate Democrats control the committee that has this bill bottled up and won’t let it out for a vote.  The important senators are Mike Gronstal, Joe Bolkcom and our own Matt McCoy here in Des Moines. 

They say that discounting your taxes will cause government to run a big deficit.  But isn’t that what they are doing when they spend so much? How is it fair to everyone trying to get a better home, or live better, if Democrats spend more and won’t discount income taxes so we get more money, too?

Lastly, Republicans want everyone to be able to send their children to the school of their choice.  Single parents make huge sacrifices for necessities, in many cases, just to raise their families.  If that’s your situation, Republicans want you to keep your own money so you can send your children to good schools instead of the warehouses they may be in now.  Don’t you agree?  After all, your children’s future depends on what they learn.


Polk County GOP/ 515-280-6438 for info

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