Strawn Statement on the Redistricting Plan

TO: Reporters and Editors
FR: Matthew N. Strawn, Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa
RE: Redistricting Plan
DA: Thursday, April 15, 2011

Chairman Matt Strawn issued the following statement after both the Senate and House approved the redistricting plan.

“The map passed today lays the groundwork for a Republican majority in both the Iowa House and Senate for the next decade as we work toward a permanent conservative governing majority in Iowa. Ultimately, it is not arbitrary geographic lines, but rather a consistent message of policies focused on limited government, personal responsibility and individual freedom that will be central to the continued Republican resurgence in Iowa.

“With respect to the congressional districts, I am confident that more Iowans will be represented in Congress by a Republican under this map than are today. Congressman Boswell’s district becomes more Republican and conservative at a time when his voting record is increasingly liberal. I am also confident that Iowa Republicans will continue building on the broad gains seen in Eastern Iowa over the last two years and will be on offense in waging aggressive challenges in those two districts.”


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